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FamilyScientific Name Common NameHabitatDistributionImage
FabaceaeThermopsis fraxinifoliaAsh-leaf Golden-bannerDry slopes and ridges with oak and/or pine canopy, pine-oak heaths and savannas.A Southern Appalachian endemic: w. NC and e. TN south to nw. SC and n. GA.image of plant
FabaceaeThermopsis mollisAppalachian Golden-bannerMontane oak-hickory forests and woodlands, granitic dome margins, other dry slopes and ridges.Centered in the Southern Appalachians, but mostly in the Piedmont and lower elevation periphery of the mountains, ranging from sc. VA south through w. and c. NC and e. TN to nw. SC, n. GA, and ne. AL.image of plant
FabaceaeThermopsis villosaAaron's-rod, Blue Ridge Golden-bannerFloodplains, mesic disturbed areas, woodland edges, roadbanks.A Southern Blue Ridge endemic: w. NC and e. TN to n. GA, and escaped from cultivation more widely, as in w. VA, s. MD, c. TN, and WV representing escapes from cultivation.image of plant

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