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FamilyScientific Name Common NameHabitatDistributionImage
OrchidaceaeNeottia bifoliaSouthern TwaybladeSwamps, second terraces in floodplain forests, wet woods under Rhododendron maximum, Coastal Plain bogs.Mainly a Southeastern Coastal Plain species, from NJ south to wc. peninsular FL (Kunzer et al. 2009) and west to e. TX, but also scattered inland of the Coastal Plain and north into VT and s. Canada.image of plant
OrchidaceaeNeottia cordataHeartleaf Twayblade, Lesser TwaybladeNorthern hardwood and spruce-fir forests.The Neottia cordata complex is widespread and circumboreal, in n. Eurasia and n. North America. N. cordata s.s. is widespread in ne. United States and Canada; south in North America to NC (at least formerly, not seen in this or the last century), ne. OH, MI, WI, MN, SK, and AB.image of plant
OrchidaceaeNeottia smalliiAppalachian Twayblade, Small's Twayblade, Kidneyleaf TwaybladeShaded swamps, wet slopes, nearly always beneath Rhododendron maximum.A Southern and Central Appalachian endemic: s. PA south to nw. SC and ne. GA.image of plant