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2022 Edition


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Rubiaceae A.L. de Jussieu. Madder Family.

Key to Rubiaceae

A family of about 630-650 genera and 10,200-13,000 species, trees, shrubs, vines, and rarely herbs, cosmopolitan, but especially diverse in tropical and subtropical areas. Subfamily and tribe classification follows Bremer & Eriksson (2009).

Subfamily Cinchonoideae
Tribe 1.1 Chiococceae: Chiococca, Catesbaea, Erithalis, Exostema, Strumpfia
Tribe 1.3 Guettardeae: Guettarda
Tribe 1.5 Hamelieae: Hamelia
Tribe 1.8 Naucleeae: Cephalanthus
Subfamily Ixoroideae
Tribe Condamineeae: Pinckneya
Tribe Ixoreae: Ixora
Tribe Gardenieae: Gardenia, Casasia, Randia
Subfamily Rubioideae
Tribe 3.8 Spermacoceae: Pentodon, Houstonia, Oldenlandia, Richardia, Spermacoce, Borreria, Mitracarpus, Hexasepalum, Diodia, Ernodea
Tribe 3.11 Paederieae: Paederia
Tribe 3.13 Rubieae: Galium
Tribe 3.18a Mitchelleae: Mitchella
Tribe 3.19 Psychotrieae: Psychotria
Tribe 3.20 Morindeae: Morinda

Ref: Bremer & Eriksson (2009); Paudyal et al. (2018); Rogers (1987); Rogers (2005). Show full citations.

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