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Key to Trillium

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image of plant
Show caption*© Alan Cressler: Trillium cuneatum, Chattahoochee National Forest, Towns County, Georgia 3 by Alan Cressler
1 Leaves mottled with 2-3 different shades of green and silver (very rarely the mottling not apparent); flower sessile; [subgenus Sessilia]
1 Leaves solid green; flower on a pedicel (the pedicel sometimes very short or essentially absent in some varieties of T. pusillum).
image of plant
Show caption*© Alan Cressler: Trillium erectum (color complex), Stony Bald, Blue Ridge Parkway, Buncombe County, North Carolina 2 by Alan Cressler
  2 Petals relatively thick in texture, straight-margined, maroon or white, rarely yellow or green (if white, turning brown with age); stigmas thicker at base, tapering gradually toward tip, distinct; ovary purple-black, maroon, pink, or white, 6-angled; [subgenus Trillium]
image of plant
Show caption*© Richard & Teresa Ware
  2 Petals relatively delicate in texture, wavy-margined, white to deep pink (if white, generally fading to pink with age); stigmas thin, uniform in thickness from base to apex, somewhat fused at the base into a short style; ovary greenish-white to white, 3- or 6-angled or-lobed
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