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The Flora of the Southeastern United States is brought to you by Alan S. Weakley and the Southeastern Flora Team*. The Flora consists of PDFs (of the full flora area, of individual states, and subregions), a set of mobile apps called FloraQuest, and this, the Flora of the Southeastern United States web app.

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New mobile app released

On March 4, 2024, we released our mobile app called FloraQuest: Carolinas & Georgia, a new plant identification and discovery app covering over 5,800 vascular plants. With graphic keys, dichotomous keys, habitat descriptions, range maps, 33,333 diagnostic photos, and a set of great places to botanize, this and all the FloraQuest apps are the perfect companion for your botanical explorations. It doesn't need an internet connection to run, so you can take it with you anywhere.

Check out our talk on FloraQuest, the FSUS Web App, and all things Flora of the Southeast.

Vision of the Flora Team

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Download a poster showing our vision of flora tools and databases.

*Southeastern Flora Team: M. Lee, S. Ward, J.C. Ludwig, B. Sorrie, D. Poindexter, R. LeBlond, J. Kees, C.A. McCormick, S. Oberreiter, E. Ungberg, R. Lance, H. Ballard, R. Carter, M. Pyne, W. Knapp, K. Bradley, S. Zona, W. Barger, L. Musselman, P. Schafran, D. Spaulding, J. Nelson, E. Keith, G. Fleming, D. Estes, L. Majure, H. Medford, E. Bridges, R. Folk, Z. Murrell, R. Peet, J. Townsend, G. Nesom, A. Floden, J. Horn, E. Schilling, J. Triplett, T. Murphy, Z. Irick, K. Schoonover McClelland, M. Alford, M. Brock, and others.

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