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Key to Dichanthelium

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1 Plants densely tufted, often cushion-forming; leaves basally disposed, the blades ascending or spreading-ascending, not forming a distinct rosette of basal leaves shorter than the culm leaves; autumnal culms branching basally or from the lower nodes
1 Plants less densely or sparsely tufted, not cushion-forming; leaves well-distributed on the culm, usually much longer than the short, often broad and spreading basal rosette leaves; autumnal culms usually branching from the mid and upper nodes.
..2 Spikelets 0.8-3.2 mm long.
....3 Spikelets 2.1-3.2 mm long.
......4 Larger culm blades < 13 mm wide.
....3 Spikelets 0.8-2.0 mm long.
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