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Key to Fabaceae

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1 Trees, shrubs, or woody vines; [subfamilies Caesalpinioideae, Mimosoideae, and Faboideae]
  2 Leaves 4-many-foliolate.
1 Herbs (including herbaceous vines).
        5 Leaves 4-many-foliolate.
        5 Leaves 0-3-foliolate ; [subfamily Faboideae].
                 9 Leaves 0, 1, or 3-foliolate.
                   10 Leaves trifoliolate (plants with some upper stem or lower stem leaves unifoliolate but with other trifoliolate leaves should be keyed here).
                     11 Leaves palmately 3-foliolate (the petiolules of the 3 leaflets usually of similar length (if the apparent petiolule of the terminal leaflet is slightly longer, it does not have a joint between a rachis and the petiolule of the terminal leaflet)
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