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Key G: woody plants with alternate, simple leaves

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  2 Leaves pinnately lobed (the midvein dominant, with 2, 4, or more lateral veins diverging into the lobes from the midvein above the base of the leaf blade)
  2 Leaves palmately lobed or bilobed (3, 5, or more veins diverging from the base of the leaf blade into the lobes)
1 Leaves not lobed (entire or serrate, sometimes coarsely so), or only with 2 small auriculate lobes at the base of an otherwise unlobed leaf blade (such as various Magnolia species).
    3 Lianas, shrubs, or trees, not grasses, generally with solid stems.
      4 Lianas (plant generally with obvious adaptations for climbing, such as adventitious roots, twining stems, or tendrils)
      4 Shrubs, subshrubs, or trees (sometimes scrambling or occasionally high-climbing with the support of other vegetation, but lacking the specialized climbing structures listed above).
        5 Shrubs or subshrubs.
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