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Key M: monocots {Note that strictly aquatic monocots are not additionally keyed here; seek them in Key C. Some amphibious monocots are keyed both here and in Key C}

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1 Leaves lacking a differentiated petiole, either with essentially parallel margins for most of the leaf’s length, or tapering from base to apex, or scale like (< 15 mm long, often clasping the stem), or with lanceolate leaves slightly dilated above the base and > 6× as long as broad, or a grass (the leaf consisting of a sheath, with a ligule and/or constriction at the summit, diverging from the stem into a blade, this sometimes no more than 3× as long as wide, but more often lanceolate to linear); leaves simple and unlobed
1 Leaves with a differentiated petiole and blade, the blade > 10 mm long, and the leaf < 6× as long as broad; leaves either simple and unlobed, or compound, or palmately divided
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