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Key to Carex, [26ii] Section 24 Porocystis: section Porocystis (Virescentes)

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1 Terminal spike staminate (rarely gynecandrous, with fewer than 25% of the flowers pistillate)
1 Terminal spike gynecandrous (and with > 30% of the flowers pistillate).
  2 Perigynia densely pubescent; larger lateral spikes 2-4 mm wide; ligules longer than wide.
    3 Terminal spikes 5-15 (-20) mm long; anthers 0.7-1.3 (-1.6) mm long
    3 Terminal spikes (18-) 20-35 mm long; anthers (1.0-) 1.6-2.0 (-2.8) mm long
  2 Perigynia glabrous, or minutely papillose, or with few scattered hairs; larger lateral spikes (3.5-) 4-8 mm wide; ligules as wide as long.
      4 Perigynia papillose, with a short but definite beak, 2.5-4.0 mm long; anthers 2.5-3.5 mm long; pistillate scales about equal to perigynia or slightly longer; pistillate spikes 6-10 mm wide
      4 Perigynia not papillose, beakless or with a short but definite beak [C. caroliniana], 2.0-3.5 mm long; anthers 1.3-2.5 mm long; pistillate scales usually much shorter than perigynia; pistillate spikes 4-7 mm wide.
        5 Perigynia with a short but distinct beak, when mature more-or-less rounded in ×-section and with no faces flattish; blades glabrous or glabrate
        5 Perigynia beakless, when mature more-or-less triangular in ×-section (or hemispheric) and with the inner face flattish, blades glabrous or glabrate [C. complanata] or densely hirtellous [C. hirsutella].
          6 Blades glabrous or glabrate, especially on lower surface, sheaths glabrate to pubescent (if so, pubescence dense only in summit region); [mostly Coastal Plain and Piedmont]
          6 Blades and sheaths densely hirtellous throughout; [mostly Coastal Plain, Piedmont, and Mountains]
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