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Key to Fabaceae, Key E: herbaceous legumes with palmate leaves with 4 or more leaflets [subfamily Faboideae]

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1 Leaflets 4; corolla yellow; [tribe Dalbergieae]
1 Leaflets 5 or more (at least on the largest and best developed leaves); corolla blue, pink, or violet (except yellow in Lupinus luteus).
  2 Leaflets and fruits not glandular-punctate; stamens monadelphous; [tribe Genisteae]
  2 Leaflets and fruits glandular-punctate; stamens diadelphous; [tribe Psoraleeae].
    3 Leaflets linear to very narrowly oblanceolate, 0.5-2.0 (-3.5) mm wide, > 10× as long as wide; [Coastal Plain]
    3 Leaflets broader, > 5 mm wide, 2-4.5× as long as wide; [collectively more widespread]

Key to Fabaceae, Key J: herbaceous legumes with palmately trifoliolate leaves [subfamily Faboideae]

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1 Stamens separate, unfused; stipules (at least the lower on the stem) often persistent, foliaceous, not striate; corollas yellow, white, or purple-blue.
  2 Legumes turgid, inflated; corolla white, cream, yellow, blue, or purple; [widespread in our area, especially Coastal Plain]
  2 Legumes laterally compressed; corolla yellow; [primarily montane, elsewhere as an escape from cultivation]
1 Stamens monadelphous or diadelphous; stipules either caducous or well-developed and persistent, and then separate or adnate to the petiole; corollas pink, blue, violet, yellow, or white.
    3 Stamens monadelphous; corollas 7-20 mm long.
      4 Corollas pink
      4 Corollas yellow.
          6 Calyx deeply 5-lobed; upright (rarely sprawling) annual herbs, mostly 8-20 dm tall
          6 Calyx with the upper 4 lobes connate; decumbent perennial herbs, the stems to 5 dm long
    3 Stamens diadelphous (9 and 1); corollas 3-16 mm long.
             7 Foliage punctate-glandular; corollas blue, violet, or white.
               8 Fruit not beaked; corollas 4.5-8 mm long
               8 Fruit beaked, the beak 3-7 mm long; corollas 7-12 mm long
             7 Foliage eglandular; corollas purple, pink, red, or white.
                 9 Lateral veins of each leaflet lateral veins neatly straight and parallel to one another; leaflets entire; [tribe Desmodieae]
                 9 Lateral veins of each leaflet complicatedly and irregularly arrayed; leaflets denticulate; [tribe Trifolieae]
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