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Key to Santalaceae

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1 Leaves alternate; monoecious herb or shrub.
..2 Herb, < 2 (-3) dm tall; leaves 1-4 cm long, glabrous; inflorescence a terminal panicle of cyme
..2 Shrub, > 4 dm tall; leaves 5-15 cm long, pubescent; inflorescence a terminal raceme
1 Leaves opposite; dioecious shrubs.
....3 Aerial (epiphytic) shrubs, parasitic on tree trunks and branches; leaves either coriaceous and brittle when live, or minute and scale-like
....3 Terrestrial shrubs, parasitic via root connections; leaves herbaceous, flexible when live.
......4 Staminate flowers in terminal umbel-like dichasia; pistillate flowers (and fruits) solitary, terminal; clumped shrub to 4 m tall
......4 Staminate flowers in axillary umbels; pistillate flowers (and fruits) solitary, axillary; rhizomatous shrub to 1 m tall
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