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Key to Carex, [26pp] Section 29 Carex: section Carex

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image of plant
Show caption*© Steven Daniel, all rights reserved, uploaded by Steven Daniel
1 Beaks of perigynia glabrous or with scattered spreading hairs on main veins; leaf blades finely papillose on the lower surface (and also usually long-pubescent); vegetative culms hollow, spongy (flattened when pressed)
1 Beaks of perigynia pubescent or scabrous both on and between main veins; leaf blades glabrous or pubescent abaxially, but not papillose; vegetative culms hard.
..2 Leaf blades pubescent; [rare introduction]
..2 Leaf blades glabrous; [native].
....3 Perigynia glabrous or scabrous on main veins, 4.8-8.4 mm long
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