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Key to Carex, Key A: Subkey in Carex

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1 Leaf blades 20-60 mm wide, without a midrib (with 40-100 parallel nerves all of equal prominence), leathery, the apex obtuse; leaf margin scarious, minutely crisped-ruffled (feeling scaberulous to the touch)
1 Leaf blades 0.5-25 (-52) mm wide, with a midrib, herbaceous, the apex acute; leaf margin various (smooth or scabrous, but not as described below).
  2 Spike entirely staminate.
    3 Culms yellow to brown or black, without red or purple coloration.
      4 Culms shorter than the leaves; widest leaf blades > 2 mm wide
      4 Culms longer than the leaves; widest leaf blades < 2 mm wide
  2 Spike pistillate or with both pistillate and staminate flowers.
        5 Stigmas 2; achenes lenticular.
          6 Perigynia minutely but strongly and regularly serrulate on apical portion and beak, ± flattened; plants cespitose
        5 Stigmas 3; achenes trigonous.
               8 Spikes androgynous or entirely pistillate; beak of perigynium with apex entire, emarginate, or with teeth < 0.2 mm long.
                   10 Perigynium beak < 2 mm long, or if more, then tapering to the perigynium body and shorter than the body.
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