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Key to Cyperus, Key D: Key to subgenus Pycnostachys -- stigmas 3; achenes trigonous; rachis essentially absent,
spikelets borne in digitate clusters or in umbellate or glomerulate heads

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1 Scales cuspidate, with an excurved, awnlike tip (0.3-) 0.5-1 (-1.3) mm long
1 Scales rounded to minutely mucronate (mucro <0.3mm), incurved to excurved.
..2 Leaves mostly reduced to bladeless sheaths; inflorescence bracts 18-22 subequal, large and conspicuous; [the “umbrella sedge” common in the nursery trade]; [section Alternifolii]
..2 Leaf blades present (absent in C. haspan and C. prolifer); inflorescence bracts 2-10 (rarely more, then markedly unequal).
....3 Scales with 1 central nerve on back, 2-keeled in lower 30-60%, nerves absent elsewhere or scales with 1 lateral rib on each side; spikelets with scales closely overlapping, aggregated into numerous dense glomerulate heads borne on elongate rays; [section Luzuloidei]
....3 Scales conduplicate their entire length, or broadly rounded on back, not 2-keeled as above, 5-11 nerved, medially 3-nerved, or occasionally with 2 indistinct lateral ribs and a single main keel nerve; spikelets in loose digitate clusters, or inflorescence congested into a single capitate cluster; [sections Fusci, Haspani, and Diffusi]
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