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Key to Nama

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1 Leaves 8-12× as long as wide, the margins plane to revolute; pedicels stout, 0-2 mm long; stems ascending to erect.
  2 Leaves oblong-oblanceolate to oblong-spatulate, 1-8 mm wide; adnate portion of filaments conspicuously winged
  2 Leaves linear or linear-lanceolate, 1-3 mm wide; adnate portion of filaments very narrowly winged
1 Leaves 1.5-6× as long as wide, the margins plane or undulate; pedicels slender, 3-30 mm long (or stout and 0-3 mm long in N. stenocarpa); stems prostrate, decumbent to ascending.
    3 Styles fused for some portion of length, not easily teased apart; corolla 5-7 mm long, white to pale pink.
      4 Leaf bases decurrent down the stem as a wing; leaves broadly elliptic to ovate or spatulate, margins plane; pedicels to 15 (-30) mm
      4 Leaf bases not decurrent, stems not winged; leaves oblong to spatulate, margins undulate; pedicels 0-3 mm
    3 Styles free to base, or easily teased apart if appearing fused; corolla 6.5-11 mm long, deep pink to pink-purple.
        5 Seeds yellow to tan; leaves alternate
        5 Seeds brown to dark brown; leaves opposite at branch tips, otherwise alternate
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