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Key to Hydrangeaceae

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1 Woody vine, climbing by aerial rootlets; petals 7-10; [tribe Hydrangeae]
1 Shrub; petals 4-5 (rarely 10 or many in the cultivars of Deutzia and Philadelphus).
..2 Pubescence of leaves and twigs stellate; stamens 10; [a cultivated exotic, rarely escaped]; [tribe Philadelpheae]
..2 Pubescence of leaves and twigs simple; stamens 8-10 (Hydrangea) or 25-90 (Philadelphus); [natives and exotics].
....3 Leaf blades 10-30 cm long; inflorescences of 25-many flowers; stamens 8-10; [tribe Hydrangeae]
....3 Leaf blades 3-8 cm long; inflorescences of 1-7 flowers; stamens 25-90; [tribe Philadelpheae]
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