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FamilyScientific Name Common NameHabitatDistributionImage
CistaceaeLechea cernuaScrub Pinweed, Nodding PinweedFlorida scrub.N. FL peninsula (Flagler, Lake, and Hernando counties) south to s. FL.image of plant
CistaceaeLechea deckertiiDeckert's PinweedFlorida scrub, longleaf pine sandhills.Sc. GA (Jones & Coile 1988) south to s. FL and e. Panhandle FL.image of plant
CistaceaeLechea divaricataSpreading PinweedDry sands of Florida scrub and scrubby flatwoods.N. peninsular FL, from Volusia and Citrus counties south to s. FL.image of plant
CistaceaeLechea intermedia var. intermediaNorthern PinweedDry areas.NB west to ON, MN, and SK, south to VA, n. OH, n. IL, and nw. NE.image of plant
CistaceaeLechea lakelaeLakela’s PinweedFlorida scrub, scrubby flatwoods.Endemic to Collier County, FL (possibly extinct).image of plant
CistaceaeLechea maritima var. maritimaDune PinweedStabilized dune barrens.S. ME and c. NH south to DE, and disjunct in n. NB (reports of this species south to GA are apparently based on misidentifications).image of plant
CistaceaeLechea maritima var. virginicaVirginia PinweedSandy dunes, flats, and blowouts, often associated with Hudsonia tomentosa.Var. virginica is endemic from se. DE, e. MD, e. VA, and ne. NC.image of plant
CistaceaeLechea minorThymeleaf PinweedPine savannas, longleaf pine sandhills, pine-oak woodlands, other dry woodlands or openings, sandy disturbed places.MA and VT west to s. ON and n. IN, south to c. peninsular FL and LA (primarily Coastal Plain and around the Great Lakes).image of plant
CistaceaeLechea mucronataHairy PinweedOpen dry habitats, longleaf pine sandhills, dunes, dry hammocks, woodlands.NH west to MI and OK, south to c. peninsular FL, TX, and n. Mexico COA, QRO, SLP, TAM, VER).image of plant
CistaceaeLechea prismaticaPrism PinweedFlorida scrub.Endemic to c. FL peninsula.image of plant
CistaceaeLechea pulchella var. moniliformisBead PinweedDry sandy soils.Coastal Plain from Nantucket Island, MA south to s. NJ, and disjunct along the Great Lakes (a common phytogeographic pattern, lending credence to the validity of the variety).image of plant
CistaceaeLechea pulchella var. pulchellaLeggett’s PinweedDry woodlands, disturbed places.Var. pulchella ranges from e. MA west to ne. OH, south to c. VA.image of plant
CistaceaeLechea pulchella var. ramosissimaSouthern Hairy PinweedPine-oak woodlands, pine savannas, pine flatwoods, longleaf pine sandhills, openings in maritime forests, sometimes in wet, almost peaty soils.Se. VA south to n. FL and west to e. LA; disjunct in sc. TN (Coffee County).image of plant
CistaceaeLechea racemulosaAppalachian PinweedDry pine woodlands, other woodlands, forest edges, old fields.Se. NY west to s. OH and s. IL, south to se. VA, NC, c. GA, and AL, with a few disjunct occurrences west to MO; the range is centered on the Appalachian Mountains.image of plant
CistaceaeLechea san-sabeanaSan Saba PinweedLongleaf pine woodlands, sandy, open habitats.W. LA west to c. and s. TX.image of plant
CistaceaeLechea sessilifloraPineland PinweedLongleaf pine sandhills and dry flatwoods.A Southeastern Coastal Plain endemic: s. NC south to s. FL and west to s. MS.image of plant
CistaceaeLechea strictaPrairie PinweedDry sandy woodlands, prairies, lakeshores.S. MI, Upper Peninsula of MI, MN and sw. ON, ND, south to ne. OH, sc. IN, s, IL, IA, and NE. This taxon is primarily midwestern in its distribution, having only been collected once in our region in s. IL (Monroe County) by Robert Evers in 1949 (P. Marcum, pers. comm., 2022).image of plant
CistaceaeLechea tenuifoliaNarrowleaf PinweedDry oak-pine forests and openings.S. ME south to SC (mostly inner Coastal Plain and Piedmont), and from s. IN n. IL, s. MN, and NE south to e. LA and c. TX.image of plant
CistaceaeLechea torreyi var. congestaSandhill PinweedLongleaf pine sandhills and wet pine flatwoods.As interpreted by Hodgdon, L. torreyi consists of two varieties, the more widespread var. congesta ranging from se. NC south to s. FL and west to s. MS (disjunct in Belize), and the more restricted var. torreyi restricted to FL.image of plant
CistaceaeLechea torreyi var. torreyiSandhill PinweedLongleaf pine sandhills and pine flatwoods.Se. GA (Charlton County; R. Carter, pers.comm., 2023), ne. FL, and Panhandle FL south to s. peninsular FL.

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