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FamilyScientific Name Common NameHabitatDistributionImage
MalvaceaeAbutilon abutiloidesBushy AbutilonChaparral, disturbed areas.S. TX, s. NM, and s. AZ south to s. Mexico; West Indies.
MalvaceaeAbutilon berlandieriScrub, other open, dry habitats.S. TX south to COA, NLE, and TAM.
MalvaceaeAbutilon fruticosumTexas Indian-mallow, PelotazoPrairies, limestone outcrops, other open, dry areas.N. AR, OK, and ne. NM south through TX and NM to Mexico (CHH, COA, COL, JAL, NLE, PUE, SLP, TAM, VER, ZAC).
MalvaceaeAbutilon grandifoliumHairy Indian-mallowDisturbed areas.Native of South America.
MalvaceaeAbutilon hirtumDisturbed areas.Native of the Old World tropics.image of plant
MalvaceaeAbutilon hulseanumDisturbed areas, pine flatwoods (FL), palm groves (TX).N. peninsular FL (Alachua County) south to s. peninsular FL; West Indies; South America.image of plant
MalvaceaeAbutilon hypoleucumDry shrublands and disturbed open areas.Rio Grande Valley of s. TX and adjacent n. Mexico.
MalvaceaeAbutilon incanum{not present in Flora area}image of plant
MalvaceaeAbutilon permolleVelvety Abutilon, Coastal Plain Indian-mallowRockland hammocks, disturbed uplands.C. and s. peninsular FL; West Indies; s. Mexico, Central America, and South America.image of plant
MalvaceaeAbutilon theophrastiVelvetleaf, Pie-marker, Butterprint, China-juteCrop fields, roadsides, disturbed areas.Native of s. Asia.image of plant
MalvaceaeAbutilon trisulcatumAmantilloSubtropical woodlands, shrublands.S. TX south to Mexico and Central America; West Indies.
MalvaceaeAbutilon wrightiiDry, open habitats.S., c, and w. TX, s. NM, and se. AZ south to n. Mexico.

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