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FamilyScientific Name Common NameHabitatDistributionImage
AsteraceaeAmbrosia acanthicarpaAnnual BursageDisturbed areas.Native of w. North America.
AsteraceaeAmbrosia artemisiifoliaCommon Ragweed, HogweedRoadsides, gardens, disturbed soils, thin soils on rock outcrops.NL (Newfoundland), NU, and BC south to FL, TX, CA and southward.image of plant
AsteraceaeAmbrosia bidentataLanceleaf RagweedBarrens, prairies, mafic woodlands.S. OH, c. IN, c. IL, and s. IA south to SC (Bradley et al. [in prep.]), nw. GA, n. AL, c. LA and c. TX. Scattered occurrences in other areas probably represent introductions.image of plant
AsteraceaeAmbrosia cheiranthifoliaRio Grande Ragweed, South Texas AmbrosiaCoastal prairies, in seasonally saturated clays.S. TX (Cameron, Jim Wells, Kleberg, and Nueces counties) and ne. Mexico (COA, TAM).
AsteraceaeAmbrosia confertifloraField RagweedDisturbed areas.Sw. KS, s. CO, s. UT, c. CA, south to s. TX, w. TX, NM, AZ, and widespread in Mexico. Reported for TN (Strother (2006dd).
AsteraceaeAmbrosia hispidaCoastal RagweedBeaches, dunes, and less commonly inland in hammocks.Peninsular FL; West Indies; s. Mexico (ROO, VER, YUC) and Central America.image of plant
AsteraceaeAmbrosia porcheriOutcrop RagweedIn shallow soil mats on granitic domes.Apparently endemic to the Piedmont Blue Ridge escarpment region of nw. SC.image of plant
AsteraceaeAmbrosia psilostachyaPerennial RagweedCalcareous prairies and disturbed areas; in loamy sandy soil of flats and slight depressions in periodically burned longleaf pine uplands; also in disturbed areas.MI west to MT, south to LA and NM; also scattered along eastern seaboard states (ME, NH, NY, NC, SC, GA, FL, VA), where perhaps some of the distribution is adventive. Apparently first collected in VA in 2000.image of plant
AsteraceaeAmbrosia tomentosaPerennial Bursage, Skeletonleaf BursageDisturbed areas; introduced from w. North America.Native of w. North America.
AsteraceaeAmbrosia trifida var. texanaTexas Giant RagweedFloodplains, moist pastures; disturbed ground.S. IL and MO south to MS, s. TX, and Mexico (CHH, COA, HGO, QRO, SON, TAM, VER).image of plant
AsteraceaeAmbrosia trifida var. trifidaGiant RagweedFloodplains, moist pastures, disturbed ground.NS and BC south to n. peninsular FL, Panhandle FL, TX, and CA. Report from s. FL (Kartesz 2022) is false, based on misidentified specimen.image of plant

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