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FamilyScientific Name Common NameHabitatDistributionImage
PoaceaeAndropogon arctatusFlorida BluestemWet pinelands, pineland bogs, rarely moist disturbed ground.N. FL west to w. Panhandle of FL and adjacent s. AL, south to s. FL. The curious record from Pamlico County, NC (the specimen at GH, collected by Randolph and Randolph in 1922, annotated as A. arctatus by Campbell) is likely a waif.image of plant
PoaceaeAndropogon bicornisWest Indian Bluestem, Barbas de IndioOpen, disturbed areas.Native of the West Indies, Mexico, etc. and probably only a non-native waif in our area (s. FL).image of plant
PoaceaeAndropogon brachystachyusShortspike BluestemMoist to wet pinelands, natural pond margins, bogs, disturbed roadsides.Se. SC (McMillan et al. 2002) south to FL, south to s. FL, west to e. FL Panhandle. A. brachystachyus has been considered by some to range north to NC.image of plant
PoaceaeAndropogon cabanisiiFlorida Splitbeard BluestemLongleaf pine sandhills, scrubby, mesic, and wet pinelands.Endemic to s. and c. peninsular FL.image of plant
PoaceaeAndropogon campbelliiDeceptive BluestemPine savannas, pine flatwoods, maritime wet grasslands, disturbed pinelands, other wetlands.Se. VA south to s. FL and west to w. FL; also in the Bahamas (Sorrie & LeBlond (1997).image of plant
PoaceaeAndropogon capillipesDryland White BluestemDry to mesic pine flatwoods, sandhills, adjacent roadbanks.Se. NC south to s. FL and west to s. AL.image of plant
PoaceaeAndropogon cretaceusPurple Bluestem, Chalky BluestemWet pine savannas, pine flatwoods, maritime forests, ditches, wet disturbed sites.Se. VA south to c. peninsular FL and west to e. TX (Singhurst, Sorrie, & Holmes 2012).image of plant
PoaceaeAndropogon cumulicolaScrub BluestemFlorida scrub, scrubby flatwoods, longleaf pine sandhills.Endemic to c. and s. FL peninsula.image of plant
PoaceaeAndropogon dealbatusWetland White BluestemWet pine savannas, ditches adjacent to those savannas, depressional wetlands.S. NJ south to s. FL and west to e. TX; also in the Bahamas (Sorrie & LeBlond 1997).image of plant
PoaceaeAndropogon elliottiiElliott’s BluestemDry to moist forests, woodlands, longleaf pine sandhills, pine savannas, fields, and disturbed areas.S. NJ west to s. IN, s. IL, s. MO, south to s. FL and TX.image of plant
PoaceaeAndropogon floridanusFlorida BluestemFlorida scrub and scrubby pinelands, longleaf pine sandhills.S. GA west to FL Panhandle, south to s. FL.image of plant
PoaceaeAndropogon gerardiBig Bluestem, TurkeyfootIn a wide variety of habitats, usually rather dry, such as longleaf pine sandhills, glades, cliffs, and rock outcrops, in the Piedmont in woodlands, former prairie-like sites, woodlands, open forests, and river-scour grasslands, in the Mountains in glades, riverside scour areas, and rarely in grassy balds, ascending to at least 1600 m over mafic rocks (on Old Field Bald, Watauga and Ashe counties, NC).QC west to SK, south to FL and AZ and Mexico.image of plant
PoaceaeAndropogon glomeratusCommon Bushy BluestemSwamps, wet pine savannas, pine flatwoods, bogs, fens, depression ponds, wet disturbed sites.S. MA south to c. peninsular FL and west to s. MS, primarily on the Coastal Plain, but scattered inland to w. PA, WV, c. KY, c. TN and AR.image of plant
PoaceaeAndropogon halliiSand BluestemSandy soils.ND and MT south to TX, NM, AZ, and Mexico; with eastward outliers likely representing introductions (as in IN, IL, MN, MO, and AR). The status of the species in MO is discussed by Braun (2019).image of plant
PoaceaeAndropogon hirsutiorHairy BluestemWet pine savannas, pine flatwoods, adjacent ditches, other wet disturbed sites.E. MD south to c. peninsular FL, west to se. LA. Material west of the Mississippi River appears to be of this taxon, but needs additional study.image of plant
PoaceaeAndropogon longiberbisLongbeard BluestemDry sandy soils of sandhills and dunes, calcareous wet pinelands and dry pine rocklands (this may be another new species, under study).Se. NC south to s. and w. FL; Bahamas.image of plant
PoaceaeAndropogon miamiensisMiami BluestemPine rocklands.Endemic to s. FL.image of plant
PoaceaeAndropogon mohriiTawny Bluestem, Bog BluestemWet pine savannas, sphagnous bogs.Se. VA south to n. FL, west to LA.image of plant
PoaceaeAndropogon perangustatusNarrowleaf BluestemWet pinelands, clay-based Carolina bays, other depression wetlands, and boggy wetlands.E. VA south to c. peninsular FL, west to e. TX.image of plant
PoaceaeAndropogon species 2Haws Run BluestemCalcareous wet longleaf pine savanna.Endemic to se. NC (as far as is known).
PoaceaeAndropogon species 5Nash’s BluestemLongleaf pine flatwoods, dry-mesic to mesic southern Florida grasslands.Se. NC south to c. peninsular FL, west to se. LA.image of plant
PoaceaeAndropogon tenuispatheusMaritime Bushy BluestemMaritime wet grasslands, brackish marsh edges, calcareous wet grasslands, interdune swales and ponds, seepages in limestone areas, prairies, moist disturbed sites.Se. VA and c. OK south to s. FL and c. and s. TX, south into Central America; West Indies.image of plant
PoaceaeAndropogon ternariusSplitbeard BluestemLongleaf pine sandhills, dry to moist soils of woodlands and openings.DE and s. NJ west to KY and s. MO, south to FL and TX.image of plant
PoaceaeAndropogon tracyiTracy's BluestemDry sandy or clayey soils of longleaf pine sandhills, Florida scrub, disturbed sites.E. NC south to s. FL and west to MS.image of plant
PoaceaeAndropogon virginicus var. 1Smooth BluestemLongleaf pine savannas.NC south to peninsular FL, west to e. LA. Known from NC and SC (Berkeley and Marion counties; P. McMillan, pers. comm.).image of plant
PoaceaeAndropogon virginicus var. virginicusOld-field Broomstraw, Broomsedge, "Sedge Grass", "Sage Grass", "Broom Sage"Old fields, roadbanks, disturbed sites.MA west to MI and e. KS, south to FL and e. TX; West Indies; Mexico and Central America.image of plant

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