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FamilyScientific Name Common NameHabitatDistributionImage
SaxifragaceaeAstilbe biternataAppalachian Astilbe, Appalachian False Goat's-beardCove forests, seepage slopes, boulderfield forests.VA, sw. WV, and KY south to n. GA.image of plant
SaxifragaceaeAstilbe crenatilobaRoan Mountain Astilbe, Roan Mountain False Goat's-beardMountain forests.Known only from Roan Mountain, Carter County, TN and very rare or extinct. This species has apparently not been seen since the original collections (11 September 1885) by N.L. Britton and Mrs. Britton ("Tennessee. Base of Roan Mountain. Collected on the slope of Roan Mountain, East Tennessee, along the trail from ‘Cloudland’ to the Roan Mountain station of the E.T. & W.N.C.R.R."). The habitat, phenology, and other characteristics of this species are therefore poorly known.

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