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FamilyScientific Name Common NameHabitatDistributionImage
BetulaceaeBetula alleghaniensisYellow BirchForests at medium to high elevations, rarely at low elevations. Northward in a variety of cooler mesic to wet forests and swamps.NL (Newfoundland) west to se. MB, south to PA, OH, n. IN, WI, MN, and IA, and in the mountains south to w. NC, n. GA, and e. TN.image of plant
BetulaceaeBetula cordifoliaMountain Paper Birch, Heartleaf Birch, Speckled BirchHigh elevation forests, southwards primarily on talus of avalanche chutes (as in the Black Mountains, Yancey County, NC, and the Great Smoky Mountains, Sevier County, TN), and on talus slopes and adjacent forests at high elevations.NL (Newfoundland) and e. QC south to the mountains of NY; disjunct in n. MN, e. WV (Vanderhorst et al. 2019), w. NC, and e. TN (Sevier County; Tennessee Flora Committee 2015).image of plant
BetulaceaeBetula lenta var. lentaSweet Birch, Cherry Birch, Black Birch, "Mahogany"Forests at low to high elevations; common (uncommon in Piedmont).S. ME west to OH, south to GA and n. AL. This species is generally restricted elevationally in North Carolina to medium elevations and lower, but in VA and northwards it reaches higher elevations, where it can be as common as B. alleghaniensis.image of plant
BetulaceaeBetula lenta var. uberVirginia Roundleaf BirchStony, alluvial soils of a mountain valley floodplain (endemic to Smyth County, VA).B. lenta var. uber is related very closely to B. lenta var. lenta, and is apparently endemic to Smyth County, VA.image of plant
BetulaceaeBetula nigraRiver Birch, Red BirchRiverbanks, streambanks, floodplains, sandbars, disturbed uplands.NH west to se. MN and e. KS, south to ne. FL, FL Panhandle, and e. TX.image of plant
BetulaceaeBetula papyriferaPaper Birch, Canoe Birch, White BirchDry soils, in VA especially on quartzite on the western flank of the Blue Ridge, and on sandstone talus in the Ridge and Valley.NL (Newfoundland), NL (Labrador) and AK, south to NJ, WV (Vanderhorst et al. 2019), w. VA, OH, IN, IL, IA, NE, CO, and BC.image of plant
BetulaceaeBetula pendulaSilver Birch, European Weeping Birch, European White BirchPersistent and escaping from plantings.Native of Europe. Reported for Watauga County, NC by Poindexter (pers. comm.).image of plant
BetulaceaeBetula populifoliaGray Birch, White Birch, Wire BirchWoods, thickets, in VA native in old fields and young forests in the Big Meadows area on greenstone (Madison & Page counties, VA), disturbed areas.NS to s. QC, south to s. NJ and MD, more or less disjunct in n. VA, s. ON, n. OH, and n. IN.image of plant
BetulaceaeBetula pubescens var. pubescensEuropean White Birch, Downy BirchDisturbed areas.Native of Europe. Also reported as an introduction in e. GA (Jones & Coile 1988) and at scattered sites throughout PA (Rhoads & Block 2007).image of plant
BetulaceaeBetula pumilaBog BirchFens, swamps, bogs.NL west to AK, south to nw. NJ, e. OH, sw. OH, n. IN, n. IL, ne. IA, ND, MT, and OR.image of plant

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