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FamilyScientific Name Common NameHabitatDistributionImage
AsteraceaeCarphephorus bellidifoliusSandhill ChaffheadLongleaf pine sandhills, rarely in other xeric sandy forests and woodlands.Se. VA to extreme e. GA.image of plant
AsteraceaeCarphephorus corymbosusFlatwood ChaffheadWet, mesic, or scrubby flatwoods. Also in sandhills. Wet to dry-mesic sites, usually not in the driest and scrubbiest sites (those dominated by Ceratiola ericoides), but often in areas with deep, somewhat xeric sands, especially scrubby flatwoods with Pinus densa. Also often with Pinus palustris, and Pinus elliottii.Se. SC south to s. FL. This species was reported as far north as NC by Small (1933); Correa & Wilbur (1969) considered the northern limit of the species to be e. GA, but it is now known from as far north as Jasper County, SC. Reports from the FL Panhandle west of Madison and Taylor counties are legitimate (L.C. Anderson 25,857, Jackson County; R.L. Lazor 4765, Bay County), and represent an interesting disjunction of approx. 170 miles from the nearest record just west of the Suwannee River (A. Franck 3536), although unvouchered (but confirmed) reports have also been verified between these two areas ( of plant
AsteraceaeCarphephorus pseudoliatrisLavender LadyPineland seepage bogs and wet pine savannas.Sw. GA and FL Panhandle west to e. LA, and East Gulf Coastal Plain endemic.image of plant
AsteraceaeCarphephorus tomentosusCarolina ChaffheadPine savannas, pine flatwoods, and longleaf pine sandhills.Se. VA south to s. GA.image of plant

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