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FamilyScientific Name Common NameHabitatDistributionImage
BetulaceaeCarpinus caroliniana var. carolinianaCoastal American Hornbeam, Muscletree, Leantree, Lechillo, Water BeechStreambanks, riverbanks, bottomland forests, lower slopes, maritime forests.E. VA south to c. peninsular FL, west to e. TX, and north in the inland to s. MO and s. IL.image of plant
BetulaceaeCarpinus caroliniana var. virginianaInland American Hornbeam, Blue BeechRich cove forests, streambanks, riverbanks, bottomland forests, lower slopes.ME, QC and s. ON west to MN, south to e. VA, c. NC, n. GA, n. AL, n. MS, AR, and se. OKimage of plant

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