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FamilyScientific Name Common NameHabitatDistributionImage
PlantaginaceaeChelone cuthbertiiCuthbert’s TurtleheadBogs, sphagnous swamps, seeps.This species has a curious, disjunct distribution: Mountains and rarely upper Piedmont of w. NC and n. GA, and Coastal Plain of se. VA and e. NC.image of plant
PlantaginaceaeChelone glabraWhite TurtleheadStreambanks, seeps, swamp forests.NL (Newfoundland) and MN south to GA and AL.image of plant
PlantaginaceaeChelone lyoniiAppalachian TurtleheadCove forests, spruce-fir forests, balds, streambanks.W. NC and e. TN south to nw. SC, nw. GA (Zomlefer et al. 2018), and ne. AL. Scattered localities away from the Southern Appalachians are the result of horticultural use.image of plant
PlantaginaceaeChelone obliqua var. obliquaPurple TurtleheadStreambanks, swamp forests, ecotones of freshwater tidal marshes.MD and TN south to GA and MS.image of plant
PlantaginaceaeChelone obliqua var. erwiniaeMountain Purple Turtlehead, Erwin’s TurtleheadBogs, streambanks, swamp forests.Southern Blue Ridge from w. VA south to sw. NC, e. TN, nw. SC, and ne. GA (mapping somewhat provisional).image of plant
PlantaginaceaeChelone obliqua var. speciosaMidwestern Purple Turtlehead, Rose TurtleheadStreambanks, swamp forests.MI and IA south to c. KY, sw. KY, and ne. AR.image of plant

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