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FamilyScientific Name Common NameHabitatDistributionImage
RanunculaceaeDelphinium ajacisRocket Larkspur, Garden LarkspurRoadsides, fields, waste places, disturbed ground.Native of Europe.image of plant
RanunculaceaeDelphinium alabamicumAlabama LarkspurLimestone prairies and glades.Endemic to c. and n. AL and (allegedly) nw. GA (but see Delphinium species 1).image of plant
RanunculaceaeDelphinium carolinianum ssp. calciphilumGlade Larkspur, Limestone Larkspur, Tennessee LarkspurLimestone glades and barrens.KY south through e. and c. TN to ne. AL and nw. GA.image of plant
RanunculaceaeDelphinium carolinianum ssp. carolinianumOzark Larkspur, Prairie Larkspur, Carolina Larkspur, Blue LarkspurRocky woodlands, granite outcrops, Altamaha Grit outcrops, blackland prairies, calcareous glades, moist sandy woodlands associated with longleaf pine.IL west to e. KS, south to LA and TX, with disjunct occurrences eastward in SC, GA, AL, Panhandle FL (Gadsden County), and MS; questionably reported for c. TN. The flowers are a pale to medium blue. This species has been reported for NC (by C) and ‘north to Va.’ (by F and S). I know of no documentation for its past or present occurrence in NC or VA, but its presence in those states is plausible.image of plant
RanunculaceaeDelphinium carolinianum ssp. vimineumPineywoods Larkspur, Texas LarkspurGrasslands, coastal prairies, longleaf pine sandhills.Sw. AR south to MS , e. and w. LA, s. TX, and Mexico (CHH, COA, and TAM).image of plant
RanunculaceaeDelphinium carolinianum ssp. virescensPlains Larkspur, Prairie LarkspurPrairies, glades, ledges.MB, MN, WI, w. IL, e. MO, sw. AR and e. TX, westwards to ND, SD, NE, CO, and AZ.
RanunculaceaeDelphinium consolidaRoyal Larkspur, Forking Larkspur, LarkheelDisturbed areas.Native of Europe. Also known from DC and to be expected in VA.image of plant
RanunculaceaeDelphinium exaltatumTall LarkspurDry to moist soils over calcareous (such as dolostone, especially Elbrook Formation) or mafic rocks (such as amphibolite, metagabbro, greenstone, and diabase), usually in the open (as grassy balds) or on forest edges in partial sun.Sw. PA and OH southwest to MO and e. TN, and south to the Mountains of VA and the Mountains and Piedmont of NC.image of plant
RanunculaceaeDelphinium newtonianumNewton's Larkspur, Ozark Larkspur, Moore's DelphiniumForested slopes.Endemic to the Interior Highlands of AR.
RanunculaceaeDelphinium orientaleOriental LarkspurDisturbed areas, perhaps only a waif after cultivation.Native of s. Europe, n. Africa, and w. Asia.image of plant
RanunculaceaeDelphinium pubescensHairy LarkspurDisturbed areas, perhaps only a waif after cultivation.Native of sw. Europe and nw. Africa. Naturalized in s. TN (Warnock in FNA 1997).image of plant
RanunculaceaeDelphinium species 1Shale.So far as is known, endemic to Chatooga County, GA.
RanunculaceaeDelphinium tenuissimumRoadsides, railroads.Native of Mediterranean Europe.
RanunculaceaeDelphinium treleaseiTrelease's LarkspurLimestone and dolomite glades, especially on Cotter Formation dolomite.Endemic to sw. MO and nw. AR (Ozark Plateau).image of plant
RanunculaceaeDelphinium tricorneDwarf LarkspurRich, moist forests, especially over mafic or calcareous rocks, less commonly (as along the Roanoke River in ne. NC) on very fertile alluvial deposits, moist prairies.Sw. PA and MN south to NC, nw. GA, AL, and OK.image of plant

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