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FamilyScientific Name Common NameHabitatDistributionImage
ConvolvulaceaeDichondra carolinensisCarolina PonyfootLawns, roadsides, moist pinelands, mesic hammocks, floodplain forests.Se. VA south to s. FL, west to AR and TX; also in Bermuda and reported for the Bahamas; sometimes adventive beyond that range.image of plant
ConvolvulaceaeDichondra micranthaKidneyweed, Small-flowered PonyfootDamp open areas, lawns, disturbed areas.Probably native of Neotropics (north to s. TX), the original range uncertain. Reported for Camden County, GA (Carter, Baker, & Morris 2009).image of plant
ConvolvulaceaeDichondra recurvataPony-footRoadsides, creekbanks.Endemic to TX.image of plant

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