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FamilyScientific Name Common NameHabitatDistributionImage
PhrymaceaeErythranthe moschataMuskflower, Musky Monkey-flowerStreambanks, brookbanks, saturated soil of cold springs.NL (Newfoundland) and QC west to MI, south to w. VA, WV, NC, and MI, and in w. North America. The native/naturalized status of E. moschata in e. North America is controversial, but some at least of our populations appear to be native, occurring in situations where very unlikely to have been introduced.image of plant
PhrymaceaeErythranthe floribundaYellow Monkey-flowerIn seepage on sandstone bluffs.W. SD, AB, and BC south to NM, AZ, CA, and Mexico; disjunct to the Ozarks of n. AR.
PhrymaceaeErythranthe guttataSeep Monkey-flowerDisturbed wetlands, and also spread from rare cultivation.Native of western North America. Naturalizing in multiple sites in WV (Vanderhorst et al. 2019).image of plant
PhrymaceaeErythranthe geyeriGeyer's MonkeyflowerEdges of flowing streams, marsh edges, drainage ditches, seepage areas, calcareous springs, muddy or moist banks.MI west to MT south to s. MO, e. OK, and Mexico.image of plant
PhrymaceaeErythranthe inamoenaSmooth MonkeyflowerEdge of seeps and creeks, mud or gravel, shallow running water, wet crevices, canyon drainages.Ec. TX west to w. TX, south into Mexico (CHH, COA).

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