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FamilyScientific Name Common NameHabitatDistributionImage
HydroleaceaeHydrolea capsularisDisturbed wet areas.Native of tropical America.image of plant
HydroleaceaeHydrolea corymbosaSkyflowerPond cypress savannas, depression meadows.Ne. SC south to sw. GA and s. FL.image of plant
HydroleaceaeHydrolea ovataOvate FiddleleafSwamps, ponds, ditches.C. GA and Panhandle FL west to TX, north in the interior to sc. TN and MO.image of plant
HydroleaceaeHydrolea quadrivalvisWaterpodSwamp forests, backwater sloughs, especially in cypress-gum forests, marshes, ditches.Se. VA south to c. peninsular FL, west to LA.image of plant
HydroleaceaeHydrolea spinosa var. spinosaSpiny FiddleleafWet pond margins, floodplain openings.S. TX south through Mexico, Central America, South America, and West Indies.
HydroleaceaeHydrolea unifloraSwamp forests, sloughs, marshes.Mainly in the Mississippi River Alluvial Plain, west to e. TX and east to AL, TN, and KY.image of plant

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