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FamilyScientific Name Common NameHabitatDistributionImage
BalsaminaceaeImpatiens balsaminaGarden Balsam, Rose BalsamFrequently cultivated, sometimes escaped as a waif or "throw-out".Native of s. Asia.image of plant
BalsaminaceaeImpatiens capensisOrange Jewelweed, Orange Touch-me-not, Spotted Touch-me-notMoist forests, bottomlands, cove forests, streambanks, bogs.NL (Newfoundland) west to SK, NT, and BC, south to SC, Panhandle FL, AL, TX, CO, ID, and OR.image of plant
BalsaminaceaeImpatiens glanduliferaHimalaya Touch-me-not, Himalayan BalsamDisturbed areas.Native of Asia.image of plant
BalsaminaceaeImpatiens pallidaYellow Jewelweed, Yellow Touch-me-not, Pale Touch-me-notCove forests, streambanks, seepages, moist forests, bogs, roadsides.NS and QC west to SK, south to e. VA, wc. NC, TN, WV, n. AR, and OK.image of plant
BalsaminaceaeImpatiens wallerianaGarden Impatiens, Bizzie-LizzieSuburban woodlands, weakly spreading from horticultural plantings.Native of Africa.image of plant

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