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FamilyScientific Name Common NameHabitatDistributionImage
LythraceaeLythrum alatumNorthern Winged LoosestrifeCalcareous meadows, marl fens, and disturbed wet calcareous places.ME, NY, MI, and ND south to sc. VA, e. TN, nw. GA, n. AL, n. AR, ne. OK, and CO. Material alleged to be this taxon in the FL peninsula has been treated as an endemic species (Franck & Werner 2023).image of plant
LythraceaeLythrum californicumCalifornia LoosestrifeLow, moist areas.KS west to CA, south to TX, NM, AZ, and c. Mexico.
LythraceaeLythrum curtissiiCurtiss's LoosestrifeCalcareous swamps, seepage areas.Sw. GA south to Panhandle FL, and disjunct in ne. FL (St. Johns County [Slaughter 2014]); the report from Emanuel County, GA (Jones & Coile 1988) is in error.image of plant
LythraceaeLythrum flagellareFlorida LoosestrifeWet Florida prairies, floodplain marshes, moist roadsides and ditches.C. and peninsular FL. Primarily occurring in west-central and southwest peninsular FL, from Hillsborough south to Collier county.image of plant
LythraceaeLythrum hyssopifoliaAnnual LoosestrifeSalt marshes, other wet soils; probably only adventive from Eurasia, but sometimes interpreted as native from ME to NJ.Probably native only in Eurasia; present in North America in the northeast and on the west coast.image of plant
LythraceaeLythrum lanceolatumSouthern Winged LoosestrifePine savannas, pine flatwoods, blackland prairies, coastal prairies, marshes, swamps, other moist to wet places, ditches.Se. VA, se. NC, SC, GA, AL, MS, n. AR, s. MO, and OK south to s. FL, s. TX, Mexico; West Indies.image of plant
LythraceaeLythrum lineareNarrowleaf Loosestrife, Wand Loosestrife, Saltmarsh LoosestrifeNearly fresh, brackish, and saline marshes.NJ south to s. FL and west to TX.image of plant
LythraceaeLythrum nieuwlandiiMarshes, herbaceous-dominated wetlandsApparently endemic to n. peninsular FL (Alachua, Citrus, and Hernando counties).
LythraceaeLythrum salicariaPurple LoosestrifeSwamps, marshes, other wet places.Native of Eurasia. An extremely noxious weed in the ne. United States, aggressively colonizing and coming to dominate a wide variety of freshwater wetlands, sometimes to the near exclusion of native vegetation.image of plant
LythraceaeLythrum thymifoliumThymelaef LoosestrifeOn ballast.Native of Mediterranean Europe.
LythraceaeLythrum virgatumEuropean Wand LoosestrifeMarshes and ditches.Native of Europe.image of plant

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