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FamilyScientific Name Common NameHabitatDistributionImage
MalvaceaeMalvastrum americanumAmerican False-mallow, Malva LocaPalm groves (TX), tropical thickets, disturbed areas.FL, e. and s. TX south through Mexico and Central America to South America; West Indies; also in the Old World tropics.image of plant
MalvaceaeMalvastrum aurantiacumWright's MallowStream banks, floodplain prairies, pastures.Endemic to TX.image of plant
MalvaceaeMalvastrum corchorifoliumDisturbed areas, coastal hammocks.FL and AL south to Central America; West Indies.
MalvaceaeMalvastrum coromandelianumThree-lobe MallowCoastal hammocks, disturbed areas; eastwards a waif on ballast or wool waste.Native of tropical America (TX to Argentina). Northern occurrences, such as in PA (Rhoads & Klein 1993) and NJ (Kartesz 1999), represent old records of ballast or wool waste waifs.image of plant
MalvaceaeMalvastrum hispidumYellow Mallow, Hairy False-mallowLimestone barrens.KY, w. VA (Lee County [Fleming & Ludwig 1996]), c. TN, and n. AL; e. IN; IL west to IA, KS, and OK.image of plant

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