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FamilyScientific Name Common NameHabitatDistributionImage
NamaceaeNama berlandieriBerlandier's Nama, Berlandier's FiddleleafBrushlands.S. TX and COA.
NamaceaeNama hispidaSandbells, Rough NamaIn sandy and gravelly soils.Ne. and se. OK, sw. CO, s. NV, and c. CA south into the Neotropics.image of plant
NamaceaeNama jamaicensisJamaica Weed, Fiddleleaf, Fiddleleaf NamaLawns, other disturbed areas, sometimes rockland hammocks, disturbed areas over limestone.Native of tropical America (probably including s. FL and TX).image of plant
NamaceaeNama parvifoliaSmall-leaf NamaRocky limestone areas.C. TX south through s. TX to ne. Mexico (CHH, COA, DUR, NLE, TAM).
NamaceaeNama stenocarpaMud NamaMud of poorly drained soils.S. TX, sw, AZ, and s. CA southwards into Mexico.
NamaceaeNama stevensiiStevens's Nama, Stevens's FiddleleafRed clay soils.Sc. KS south to n. and w. TX and NM.

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