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FamilyScientific Name Common NameHabitatDistributionImage
VitaceaeParthenocissus heptaphyllaSevenleaf-creeperRocky or sandy soils.Endemic to TX, mainly c. TX (Edwards Plateau and Lampasas Cut Plain).
VitaceaeParthenocissus insertaThicket Creeper, "False Virginia Creeper", "Grape-woodbine"Maritime thickets, rich alluvial forests, rich forests over mafic rocks, roadsides, and dumps.QC west to MB, WY, and CA, south to e. VA, n. WV, OH, MO, TX, AZ, and Mexico (COA). Recently found in Polk County, NC (D. Campbell, pers. comm., 2014) and appearing in other mountain counties, perhaps as escapes from cultivation or adventive.image of plant
VitaceaeParthenocissus quinquefoliaVirginia-creeperSwamp forests, bottomlands, maritime forests and thickets, rock outcrops, mesic forests.ME west to IA and NE, south to s. FL and TX; West Indies (Bahamas, Cuba); Mexico and Central America (El Salvador, Guatemala).image of plant
VitaceaeParthenocissus tricuspidataBoston-ivyMoist forests, suburban areas, other disturbed situations, frequently grown for ornament, persisting and escaping, occasionally naturalizing away from known plantings.Native of Japan and China. Reported from a road cut in se. TN (Polk County) by Hart, Shaw, & Estes (2012). Likely to be naturalized more widely than documented in herbaria.image of plant

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