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FamilyScientific Name Common NameHabitatDistributionImage
PassifloraceaePassiflora √óbelotiiBelot's PassionflowerDisturbed areas, persistent or locally spread from horticultural use.Garden hybrid.
PassifloraceaePassiflora affinisBracted PassionflowerAlong streams and on slopes over limestone.C. and ec. TX south to COA, NLE, and TAM.
PassifloraceaePassiflora bifloraTwo-lobed PassionflowerDisturbed uplands, pine rocklands.Native of the Neotropics.
PassifloraceaePassiflora caeruleaBlue Passionflower, Common PassionflowerCultivated, sometimes escaped in disturbed areas.Native of South America.
PassifloraceaePassiflora ciliata var. ciliataFringed PassionflowerPine rocklands, disturbed upland areas.Peninsular FL; West Indies; s. TX and Mexico.
PassifloraceaePassiflora edulisPassionfruit, Purple GranadillaRockland hammocks, disturbed upland areas.Native of South America.image of plant
PassifloraceaePassiflora filipesMoist soils of tropical woodlands and palm groves.S. TX, south into Mexico, Central America, and n. South America.
PassifloraceaePassiflora foetida var. gossypiifoliaCorona de CristoThickets, saline depressions, ditches.S. TX south through Mexico, Central America, to n. South America; West Indies.
PassifloraceaePassiflora foetida var. isthmiaWaif on ore piles.Native from Panama to Ecuador and Colombia
PassifloraceaePassiflora gracilisAnnual PassionflowerHabitat unknown.Native of Mexico, Central America, and n. South America. Killip (1938) states as introduced in Abbeville County, SC: "introduced, A.P. Anderson in 1898"; there is no recent evidence of its establishment in our area.
PassifloraceaePassiflora incarnataMaypops, Purple Passionflower, PasionariaRoadsides, fencerows, thickets, fields.S. NJ, DE, MD, sw. PA, OH, and OK, south to s. FL and s. TX.image of plant
PassifloraceaePassiflora luteaYellow Passionflower, Little PassionflowerWoodlands, forests, thickets, maritime forests.DE, PA, OH, IN, IL, MO, and e. KS, south to c. peninsular FL, s. AL, s. MS, s. LA, and s. TX.image of plant
PassifloraceaePassiflora miniataScarlet PassionflowerDisturbed areas.Native of South America.image of plant
PassifloraceaePassiflora morifoliaThickets.Native of South America. Killip (1938) says "reported as well established near Clemson"; no recent evidence supports the establishment of this species in our area.
PassifloraceaePassiflora multiflora var. multifloraWhite PassionflowerRockland hammocks.S. peninsular FL; West Indies.image of plant
PassifloraceaePassiflora pallensPineland PassionflowerRockland hammocks, bayheads, strand swamps, disturbed upland areas.S. peninsular FL; West Indies (Cuba, Hispaniola)image of plant
PassifloraceaePassiflora pallidaWest Indian Corkystem PassionflowerHammocks, shell middens.Ne. FL (Dixie and Duval counties) south to s. FL; West Indies; Yucatan.
PassifloraceaePassiflora sexfloraGoatsfootRockland hammocks, in tree-fall gaps.S. peninsular FL; West Indies; Mexico, Central America and South America.image of plant
PassifloraceaePassiflora tenuilobaBirdwing PassionflowerOpen limestone areas.TX and NM south to ne. Mexico (COA, NLE, SLP, and TAM).
PassifloraceaePassiflora vitifoliaPerfumed PassionflowerDisturbed areas.Native of the Neotropics.

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