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FamilyScientific Name Common NameHabitatDistributionImage
FabaceaePediomelum argophyllumSilverleaf Indian-breadrootPrairies.MB west to BC, south to n. IL, c. MO, e. KS, c. OK, n. (Panhandle) TX, and NM.
FabaceaePediomelum canescensBuckroot, Pineland-Turnip, Eastern Prairie-Turnip, Hoary ScurfpeaLongleaf pine sandhills, pine flatwoods. This species tends to occur as very widely scattered individuals in sandhill habitats, rarely with more than a few seen at a time.A Southeastern Coastal Plain endemic: se. VA south to c. peninsular FL, Panhandle FL, and s. AL.image of plant
FabaceaePediomelum cuspidatumLarge-bract Indian-breadrootPrairies, especially over calcareous substrates.SD, south through NE, KS, and OK, to TX.image of plant
FabaceaePediomelum cyphocalyxTurnip-root ScurfpeaLimestone outcrops.Endemic to nc. and c. TX.
FabaceaePediomelum digitatumPalmleaf Indian-breadroot, Palmleaf ScurfpeaSandy prairies and woodlands.W. SD and se. WY south to sw. AR, nw. LA, e., c., and n. TX, and e. NM.image of plant
FabaceaePediomelum esculentumPrairie-turnip, Large Indian-breadrootPrairies.WI, MN, MB, SK, and AB south to n. AR, OK, and ne. NM.image of plant
FabaceaePediomelum hypogaeum var. hypogaeumEdible ScurfpeaPrairies.MT south through WY, NE, and CO to nc. TX and NM.
FabaceaePediomelum hypogaeum var. scaposumCalcareous hillsides.Endemic to nc. TX south to c. TX.
FabaceaePediomelum hypogaeum var. subulatumBuried Indian-breadrootPost oak woodlands, longleaf pine woodlands.Sw. AR and OK south to w. LA and e. TX.image of plant
FabaceaePediomelum latestipulatum var. appressumEdwards PlateauLimestone woodlands.Endemic to the Edwards Plateau, TX, and adjacent areas.
FabaceaePediomelum latestipulatum var. latestipulatumRocky or sandy soils, limestone outcrops.Endemic to nc. TX.
FabaceaePediomelum linearifoliumNarrowleaf Indian-breadrootPrairies and open woodlands over calcareous substrates.Sw. SD and se. WY south to ne. and c. TX.
FabaceaePediomelum piedmontanumPiedmont BuckrootOpen, rocky woodlands in the lower Piedmont.Apparently endemic to the lower Piedmont of c. SC and e. GAimage of plant
FabaceaePediomelum reverchoniiReverchon's Scurfpea, Rock ScurfpeaRocky, calcareous or less typically sandy soils.Sc. OK south to nc. TX.
FabaceaePediomelum rhombifoliumGulf Indian-breadroot, Roundleaf ScurfpeaSandy soils of open areas.W. AR and c. OK south to sw. LA, s. TX, w. TX, and Mexico.image of plant
FabaceaePediomelum subacauleNashville Breadroot, White-rim ScurfpeaCalcareous glades.E. TN and nw. GA west to c. TN and nw. AL (disjunct in c. AL in Bibb County).image of plant
FabaceaePediomelum tenuiflorumGray Scurf-peaPrairies.KY to MT, south to TX and n. Mexico (CHH, NLE, SON); disjunct in MS (as a waif).image of plant

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