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FamilyScientific Name Common NameHabitatDistributionImage
PoaceaePhragmites americanusAmerican ReedFens, freshwater tidal marshes.New England westward, and southward to WV and MO inland and along the Atlantic seaboard to e. VA.
PoaceaePhragmites australisCommon Reed, Old World ReedBrackish and freshwater marshes, dredge-spoil deposit islands, ditches.Native of Eurasia. Fox, Godfrey, & Blomquist (1950) report its first collection in NC (in 1948). In most of our area, reed is of relatively recent introduction, reported from only nine counties in Radford, Ahles, & Bell (1968), but now a serious invasive weed in coastal areas, where it aggressively colonizes freshwater and brackish marshes, excluding the native species.image of plant
PoaceaePhragmites karkaTropical Reed, Roseau-CaneMarshes.Ne. FL south to s. FL, west across the Gulf Coast to sw. United States, south into tropical America. Reported for Seminole County, GA (Carter, Baker, & Morris 2009).image of plant

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