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FamilyScientific Name Common NameHabitatDistributionImage
SolanaceaePhysalis acutifoliaDisturbed areas.Native of sw. United States south into Mexico. Collected once in NC (in 1936), from a nursery in Mecklenburg County, NC, in MS (Sullivan 2004), and in nw. GA (the basis of the report of P. missouriensis in Jones & Coile 1988). It may not be established.image of plant
SolanaceaePhysalis angulataSmooth Ground-cherryLongleaf pine sandhills, disturbed areas, open woodlands, agricultural fields.Widely distributed in tropical America, north to se. VA and MO, and scattered as an adventive farther north.image of plant
SolanaceaePhysalis angustifoliaCoastal Ground-cherryMaritime dunes and coastal sands, longleaf pine sandhills.Gulf Coast shorelines from S. FL west to s. LA. Reports of P. viscosa from the Southeast are based on either P. angustifolia or P. walteri.image of plant
SolanaceaePhysalis arenicolaSandhill Ground-cherryLongleaf pine sandhills, pine flatwoods.GA, AL, and s. MS south to s. FL. Reported from nc. GA by Jones & Coile (1988) and for "cypress-heads and scrub thickets" by GANHP.image of plant
SolanaceaePhysalis cinerascens var. cinerascensSmallflower Ground-cherryDry areas.AR, KS, and NM south to w. LA, TX, and Mexico; native distribution limits are uncertain.image of plant
SolanaceaePhysalis cinerascens var. variovestitaOpen sands, other dry habitats.Endemic to e. TX.
SolanaceaePhysalis cordataToothleaf Ground-cherryDisturbed areas, pine woodlands, along streams.Native distribution is uncertain; this species is scattered in the Southeastern United States, south to s. FL, and is more widespread in Mexico, Central America, and West Indies.image of plant
SolanaceaePhysalis elliottii var. elliottiiBeach dunes, open sandy areas, disturbed sands.Endemic to FL.
SolanaceaePhysalis elliottii var. glabraBeach dunes, other open sandy areas.Gulf Coast of FL, from Pinellas County southwards to the Monroe County keys.
SolanaceaePhysalis griseaGray Ground-cherry, Strawberry-tomato, Dwarf Cape-gooseberryWooded slopes, disturbed areas.The species is mainly distributed in ne. United States, south (mainly) to NC, TN, and MO, and scattered farther south.image of plant
SolanaceaePhysalis hederifoliaIvy-leaf Ground-cherrySandy or rocky prairies, stream valleys.W. SD and s. MT south to e. OK, s. TX, NM, AZ, s. NV, s. CA, and s. Mexico. Not present in LA (Pyne 2018).image of plant
SolanaceaePhysalis heterophyllaClammy Ground-cherryDisturbed areas, prairies, stream valleys, dry rocky woodlands, hammocks.Widespread in e. and c. United States and adjacent Canada, south to ne. FL and Panhandle FL.image of plant
SolanaceaePhysalis lanceolataSandhill Ground-cherryLongleaf pine sandhills.Endemic to sandhill habitats of (primarily) sc. and (rarely) se. NC (northern limit in Lee, Wayne, and New Hanover counties), south through SC to just over the Savannah River in Richmond County, GAimage of plant
SolanaceaePhysalis longifolia var. longifoliaLongleaf Ground-cherryBottomlands, other forests, prairies, woodlands, disturbed areas.IL, IA, ND, MT, and ID south to MS, LA, TX, NM, AZ, and Mexico.image of plant
SolanaceaePhysalis longifolia var. subglabrataLongleaf Ground-cherryOpen woodlands, gardens and disturbed areas.The species is widespread in e. and c. United States; var. subglabrata is more eastern, south to Panhandle FL, var. longifolia more western.image of plant
SolanaceaePhysalis longifolia var. texanaTexas Ground-cherryWoodlands, thickets, disturbed areas.C. and s. TX.
SolanaceaePhysalis macrospermaSandhills, other dry sandy habitats, especially associated .Sw. AR, n. LA,w. LA, west to sc. TX.image of plant
SolanaceaePhysalis minimaPygmy Ground-cherryDisturbed areas.Native of the Neotropics. Reported for St. Tammany, Pointe Coupee, West Baton Rouge, and Lafayette parishes, LA (Kartesz 2022)
SolanaceaePhysalis missouriensisMissouri Ground-cherryStreambanks, glades, dolomite cliff lines, dry woodlands.KS and c. MO south to n. AR and e. and nc. OK.image of plant
SolanaceaePhysalis mollisPrairies, roadsides, disturbed areas.Reported for Sumter County, AL.image of plant
SolanaceaePhysalis peruvianaCape Gooseberry, Po'haCultivated, rarely escaped or persistent.Native of South America. It is now cultivated for its edible fruit in various tropical and temperate areas, and is known to rarely persist in e. North America.image of plant
SolanaceaePhysalis philadelphicaTomatilloNaturalized after cultivation.Native of Mexico and Central America.image of plant
SolanaceaePhysalis pubescensDowny Ground-cherry, Husk-tomatoDisturbed areas.Widespread in the American tropics, north to PA and IA.image of plant
SolanaceaePhysalis pumila var. hispidaWestern Dwarf Ground-cherryPlains, in sandy prairies.NE and WY south to se. OK, n. TX.
SolanaceaePhysalis pumila var. pumilaPrairie Ground-cherryGlades, upland prairies, disturbed areas.MO and NE south to w. LA and e. TX.image of plant
SolanaceaePhysalis solanaceaNetted Globe-cherryFields, pastures.S. TX, w. TX, NM, and AZ south into Mexico.image of plant
SolanaceaePhysalis spathulifoliaYellow Ground-cherryDunes (especially backdunes), coastal prairies.Sw. LA south through coastal TX to ne. Mexico.image of plant
SolanaceaePhysalis virginianaVirginia Ground-cherryWoodlands, glades, barrens, and disturbed areas.This complex species is widespread in e. and c. North America.image of plant
SolanaceaePhysalis viscosaClammy Ground-cherryimage of plant
SolanaceaePhysalis walteriDune Ground-cherry, Tomatilla de Suelo, Walter's Ground-cherry, Dune Ground-cherryDunes of sea-beaches, openings in maritime forests, longleaf pine sandhills (southward), and rarely inland as a waif in disturbed areas.Se. VA south to s. FL and west to s. MS.image of plant

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