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FamilyScientific Name Common NameHabitatDistributionImage
PolemoniaceaePolemonium caeruleumCharity, Blue Jacob's-ladderSuburban woodlands.Native of Europe.image of plant
PolemoniaceaePolemonium micranthumAnnual Jacob's-ladderimage of plant
PolemoniaceaePolemonium reptans var. reptansSpreading Jacob's-ladderMoist, nutrient-rich forests, such as bottomlands and rich slopes.NY west to MN, south to VA, nc. NC, nw. GA, AL, and e. OK.image of plant
PolemoniaceaePolemonium reptans var. villosumMoist forests.Appalachian Plateau and vicinity, in s. OH and e. KY.image of plant
PolemoniaceaePolemonium vanbruntiaeBog Jacob's-ladderCalcareous fens, swamps, and streambanks.ME, VT, and n. NY south to se. PA, sw. PA, and e. WV.image of plant