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FamilyScientific Name Common NameHabitatDistributionImage
PteridaceaePteris bahamensisBahama Ladder Brake, Bahama BrakePine rocklands, rockland hammocks, limestone sinkholes, marl prairies, disturbed areas.S. FL; Bahamas.image of plant
PteridaceaePteris cretica var. albolineataWhite-lined Cretan Brake, Variegated Table FernLimey rocks and soils.Pantropical, the original range unclear.
PteridaceaePteris cretica var. creticaCretan Brake, Table FernLimey rocks and soils.Pantropical, the original range unclear.image of plant
PteridaceaePteris ensiformis
PteridaceaePteris multifidaSpider Brake, Huguenot FernOld walls with lime mortar, dams.Native of the Paleotropics. See Wyatt (2020) for discussion of spread and naturalization in our region.image of plant
PteridaceaePteris quadriauritaWest Indian Striped BrakeCypress swamps.S. FL (Palm Beach County); West Indies.
PteridaceaePteris tripartitaGiant BrakeSwamps, wet hammocks, rockland hammocks.Native of tropical Asia. Naturalized north to Alachua County, FL.image of plant
PteridaceaePteris vittataLadder BrakeOld walls with lime mortar, canal banks, hammocks, disturbed areas.Native of e. Asia.image of plant

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