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FamilyScientific Name Common NameHabitatDistributionImage
BrassicaceaeRorippa aquaticaLake CressShallow water of swamps and lake and reservoir margins.VT west to MN, south to s. GA, FL, and e. TX, widely scattered and probably dispersed by waterfowl.image of plant
BrassicaceaeRorippa austriacaYellow CressHay meadows, other disturbed areas.Native of Europe.
BrassicaceaeRorippa curvipesBluntleaf YellowcressWet meadows, shores of ponds and streamsON, MI, and BC south to s. IL, c. MO, TX, NM, AZ, and CA.image of plant
BrassicaceaeRorippa dubiaDisturbed wet places.Native of se. Asia.
BrassicaceaeRorippa indicaIndian Yellow-cressRiver banks and bars.Native of se. Asia. Reported for VA (VBA, G. Fleming, pers. comm. 2009)image of plant
BrassicaceaeRorippa palustris ssp. hispidaMarshcressMoist soils.NL (Labrador) to AK, south to c. VA (Amelia County), IL, NE, NM, and n. CA. Al-Shehbaz (1988a) considered reports of this taxon in the (deeper) Southeast to be misidentifications of var. fernaldiana.
BrassicaceaeRorippa palustris ssp. palustrisMarshcressMarshes, bogs, seeps.ME and NB west to SK, south to FL, TX, ID, and n. South America.image of plant
BrassicaceaeRorippa sessilifloraStalkless MarshcressWet places, marshes, swamps.MD, WV (Cusick 1994), OH, IN, IL, MN, and NE south to Panhandle FL, s. AL, LA, and c. TX.image of plant
BrassicaceaeRorippa sinuataSpreading Yellow CressRiverbanks, pond margins.C. and w. North America, east to ON, MN, WI, IL, w. KY, TN, AR, and LA.image of plant
BrassicaceaeRorippa sylvestrisCreeping Yellow CressLawns, disturbed moist to wet soils.Native of Eurasia.image of plant
BrassicaceaeRorippa tenerrimaBottomland forests and riverbanks; eastwards as a waif.SK, AB, and BC south to w. TX, NM, AZ, CA, and Mexico.
BrassicaceaeRorippa teresSouthern Marsh YellowcressCypress-gum ponds, marshes, swamps, ditches, disturbed wet areas.Se. NC south to s. FL, west to se. OK, sw. TX, and s. and w. Mexico (SIN).image of plant

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