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FamilyScientific Name Common NameHabitatDistributionImage
GentianaceaeSabatia angularisBitter-bloom, Common Marsh-pink, American CentauryForests, woodlands, marshes, fields, calcareous hammocks (in FL), especially in base-rich situations.NY west to s. MI, IL, and e. KS, south to Panhandle FL and e. TX.image of plant
GentianaceaeSabatia arenicolaSand Rose-gentian, Sand SabatiaInterdune depressions, wet pine savannas, saline flats.Se. LA west through TX to ne. MX (TAM).
GentianaceaeSabatia arkansanaPelton's Rose-gentian, Arkansas SabatiaNepheline syenite and shale glades.Endemic to Saline County, AR.
GentianaceaeSabatia brachiataNarrowleaf Rose-pink, Elegant SabatiaMesic pinelands, longleaf pine sandhills, pine savannas, pine flatwoods.Se. VA south to s. GA, west to LA, north in the interior to c. TN and se. MO.image of plant
GentianaceaeSabatia brevifoliaSavanna White Rose-gentianPine savannas, dry prairies, and mesic to scrubby flatwoods.E. SC south to peninsular FL, west to s. AL and s. MS.image of plant
GentianaceaeSabatia calycinaCoastal Rose-pinkSwamp forests, river banks.Se. VA south to s. FL, west to se. TX; e. Cuba and Hispaniola.image of plant
GentianaceaeSabatia campanulataSlender Marsh-pinkPine savannas, bogs, seeps, fens.MA south to ne. FL, Panhandle FL, west to LA and AR; scattered inland as in w. VA, w. NC, c. TN, and KY.image of plant
GentianaceaeSabatia campestrisWestern Marsh-pink, Prairie Rose-gentian, Prairie SabatiaGlades, upland prairies, also disturbed areas, roadsides, and woodland edges.IL and IA south to s. MS, s. LA, and s. TX.image of plant
GentianaceaeSabatia capitataCumberland Rose-gentianSloping woodlands and meadows, over sandstone or shale.Sw. NC (?) and se. TN south to nw. GA and c. AL. Apparently present in NC, at least formerly, based on a specimen collected "from Cherokee", probably Cherokee County, NCimage of plant
GentianaceaeSabatia decandraBartram's Rose-gentianMargins of Taxodium ascendens-Nyssa depressions, wet pine flatwoods.Ne. SC south to s. FL, west to s. AL and se. MS.image of plant
GentianaceaeSabatia difformisLanceleaf Rose-gentian, White SabatiaPine savannas, bogs, cutthroat seepages, pocosins.S. NJ south to c. peninsular FL (Highlands and Sarasota counties), west to s. AL and s. MS.image of plant
GentianaceaeSabatia dodecandraPerennial Sea-pink, Large Marsh Rose-pinkTidal brackish and freshwater marshes.CT south to e. SC and e. GA (Sorrie 1998b); disjunct in Panhandle FL.image of plant
GentianaceaeSabatia foliosaBlackwater Rose-pinkOpenings along blackwater rivers, cypress ponds.E. SC south to ne. FL and Panhandle FL, west to se. TX.image of plant
GentianaceaeSabatia formosaPretty Sabatia, Stately Sabatia, Buckley's SabatiaSands, sometimes xeric.W. LA and OK south to e. and c. TX.
GentianaceaeSabatia gentianoidesPinewoods Sabatia, Spider SabatiaPine savannas, bogs.NC south to ne. FL and Panhandle FL, west to se. TX.image of plant
GentianaceaeSabatia grandifloraLargeflower Rose-gentianWet flatwoods, marshes, cypress-gum depressions, limesink ponds, borrow pits.Ne. FL, Panhandle FL, s. AL, south to s. FL; Cuba.image of plant
GentianaceaeSabatia kennedyanaPlymouth GentianSeasonally exposed drawdown banks of the Waccamaw River, in adjacent ditches and disturbed flats (in se. NC and ne. SC), in cypress-gum swamps, very wet longleaf pine savannas, and very rarely on shores of beaver ponds (in e. VA, by introduction).This species has a strange, disjunct range, likely related to Pleistocene refugia on the (now) Continental shelf, present in s. NS; e. MA and RI; se. NC and ne. SC. The record of the species in e. VA (Caroline County) reported by Fleming & Ludwig (1996) has now been determined to be a deliberate introduction.image of plant
GentianaceaeSabatia macrophylla var. macrophyllaLarge-leaf Rose-gentianWet savannas.Sw. GA west to e. LA.image of plant
GentianaceaeSabatia macrophylla var. recurvansSmall's Rose-gentianWet savannas.E. and c. GA south to ne. FL; it may occur in se. SC.image of plant
GentianaceaeSabatia quadrangulaFour-angled SabatiaLongleaf pine sandhills, moist forests, pocosin ecotones, seepages.E. VA south to n. peninsular FL, west to s. AL; disjunct in Eastern Highland Rim (Pulaski County, KY; Tara Littlefield, pers. comm. 2020).image of plant
GentianaceaeSabatia stellarisAnnual Sea-pinkBrackish marshes, maritime wet grasslands.S. MA south to s. FL, west to LA; Bahamas; Cuba; c. Mexico.image of plant

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