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FamilyScientific Name Common NameHabitatDistributionImage
PrimulaceaeSamolus ebracteatus var. alyssoidesTexas Coastal Water-pimpernelCoastal sandy dunes, beaches, salt marshes, coastal prairies, ditches.Sw. LA, coastal TX, e. coast of Mexico.image of plant
PrimulaceaeSamolus ebracteatus var. cuneatusInland Water-pimpernelSeeps, springs, streams, pond margins.Sc. KS, c. and w. OK, NM south to extreme s. TX, n. Mexico (TAM, COA, CHH, SLP); disjunct in s. NV.
PrimulaceaeSamolus ebracteatus var. ebracteatusWest Indian Water-pimpernel, Limewater BrookweedBrackish and salt marshes, brackish swamps, and wet pine flatwoods over calcareous substrates.Peninsular FL, coastal Panhandle FL; West Indies.image of plant
PrimulaceaeSamolus parviflorusWater-pimpernel, BrookweedStream banks, tidal freshwater and oligohaline marshes, pools in floodplains, calcareous seepage swamps, interdune ponds.NB west to BC, south to Central America; c. and s. South America; Bahamas.image of plant

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