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FamilyScientific Name Common NameHabitatDistributionImage
ChenopodiaceaeSuaeda calceoliformisHorned Sea-blite, Plains Sea-bliteBrackish flats, also along salted highways.NS and AK, south to NJ, OK, TX, CA, and Mexico.image of plant
ChenopodiaceaeSuaeda confertaTufted Sea-bliteBeaches and dunes.Se. TX south to Mexico (SLP, TAM); West Indies.
ChenopodiaceaeSuaeda linearisSouthern Sea-bliteIsland-end flats, marsh edges, brackish flats, shell deposits, rarely adventive inland in disturbed areas.ME south to FL, west to TX, and south to s. Mexico (Yucatan); West Indies.image of plant
ChenopodiaceaeSuaeda maritimaWhite Sea-bliteSalt marsh edges and disturbed saline habitats, possibly native, introduced from Eurasia, or a combination of the two.Usually considered (as by C, GW, S) to be naturalized from Eurasia, but Ferren & Schenk (2003b) consider S. maritima in North America to include native and naturalized components, these often separated (as here) into two taxa, "maritima s.s.", and "richii" (at various ranks).image of plant
ChenopodiaceaeSuaeda nigraShrubby Seepweed, Quelite SaladoSaline and alkaline areas.ND, SK, AB, and WA south to se. TX, NM, AZ, CA, and c. Mexico.
ChenopodiaceaeSuaeda rolandiiRoland's Sea-BliteTidal flats and tidal marshes.NS south to NY (Long Island) and s. NJ.image of plant
ChenopodiaceaeSuaeda tampicensisTampico Sea-bliteSaline coastal areas.S. TX and TAM; West Indies.

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