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FamilyScientific Name Common NameHabitatDistributionImage
OrchidaceaeTriphora rickettiiRickett’s Nodding-capsUpland hardwood hammocks.Ne. FL (Columbia County) south into wc. peninsular FL.
OrchidaceaeTriphora trianthophoros var. trianthophorosThree Birds Orchid, Nodding Pogonia, Nodding EttercapHumid forests and swamps, rhododendron thickets, especially on rotten logs or on humus, in the mountains often under hemlock.The species is widespread (but scattered) in e. North America, and south into Central America. Var. trianthophoros occurs from ME and ON west to WI, south to c. peninsular FL and e. TX; disjunct in nc. Mexico; var. mexicana (S. Watson) P.M. Brown occurs from Mexico south to Central America.image of plant
OrchidaceaeTriphora amazonicaBroad-leaved Nodding-capsMoist forests.C. peninsular FL; West Indies; Central America; Brazil.image of plant
OrchidaceaeTriphora craigheadiiCraighead’s Nodding-capsMoist forests, near limestone outcroppings.Endemic to s. peninsular FL.
OrchidaceaeTriphora gentianoidesGentian Nodding-capsTropical hammocks, pine rocklands, mulch in suburban areas.S. FL (on the west coast from Pinellas County south to Collier County, and on the east coast from St. Lucie County south to Miami-Dade County); West Indies; Central America and n. South America.image of plant

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