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Key to Kallstroemia

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1 Terminal pair of leaflets smaller or about the same size as lower pairs (the leaf thus elliptical or elongate in outline).
..2 Pedicels shorter than subtending leaves; sepals deciduous; petals yellow, 3-6 mm long, 2.5-3 mm wide
..2 Pedicels usually longer than subtending leaves; sepals persistent; petals orange, 5-12 mm long, 3.5-5 mm wide
1 Terminal pair of leaflets largest (the leaf thus obovate in outline).
....3 Schizocarps glabrous (or with a few hairs at their bases); styles glabrous
....3 Schizocarps strigillose; styles hairy.
......4 Leaflets densely hirsute; sepals subulate and clasping the fruit; beak (the persistent style) 1-4 mm long; [native, TX westwards and southwestwards]
......4 Leaflets glabrate to appressed-pubescent; sepals lanceolate and spreading; beak (the persistent style) 5-8 mm long; [waif]
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