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Key to Monotropsis

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1 Sepals about 0.75-1.25× as long as the corolla, ovate, (5.0-) 7.0-10.0 mm long, (1.7-) 2.6-5.2 mm wide; corolla pink, lavender, purple, or purplish-red, the corolla lobes in the plane of the corolla tube or curved inward from that plane; bracts of the stem papery, opaque, and tan at maturity; either flowering prematurely in Sep-Nov and the flowers not fragrant, or flowering Feb-Apr and the flowers strongly and spicily fragrant; [of AL and GA northward]
1 Sepals about 0.5× as long as the corolla, lanceolate, 2.4-5.0 (-6.0) mm long, 0.7-1.4 (-2.0) mm wide; corolla white or pale lavender, the corolla lobes spreading or reflexed; flowering Jan-Feb, the flowers slightly fragrant; [of n. peninsular FL]
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