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Key to Cynoglossum

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1 Flowering stem leafless above the first branch; corollas blue or white; [plant a perennial native, not weedy]
1 Flowering stem with leaves above the first inflorescence branch; corollas blue, pink, or reddish-purple; [plant a biennial exotic, weedy]
  2 Corollas red to purple; corolla tubes 3-6 mm long; nutlets 5-8 mm across; basal leaf blades 8-22 (-36.5) cm long
  2 Corollas blue to pink; corolla tubes 1-3 mm long; nutlets 1.5-6 mm across; basal leaf blades 6-14 cm long.
    3 Nutlets 4-6 mm long; lower stem trichomes at right angles or slightly deflexed towards the plant base
    3 Nutlets 1.5-3 (-4) mm long; lower stem trichomes strongly deflexed towards the plant base.
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