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Key to Ageratina

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1 Shrubs; [TX and southwards]
1 Herbs; [collectively widespread in our region].
  2 Leaves subcoriaceous in texture; leaves crenate or crenate-serrate; leaf blades 3-7 (-10) cm long, 2-5 cm wide; [primarily of xeric or submesic sites].
    3 Larger leaf blades >5× as long as the petiole; leaf margins crenate; corolla lobes densely long-pubescent; achenes glabrous; [widespread in our area]
    3 Larger leaf blades (1-) 2-4× as long as the petiole; leaf margins crenate, dentate, or incised; corolla lobes glabrous or sparsely short-pubescent; achenes usually short-pubescent, at least near the apex; [of e. GA southward]
  2 Leaves membranaceous in texture; leaves serrate or coarsely dentate; leaf blades 6-18 cm long, 3-12 cm wide (at least the larger on a given plant usually more 8 cm long); [primarily of mesic sites].
      4 Leaves delicately membranaceous, coarsely dentate; larger leaf blades 1.0-1.4× as long as the petiole; [of seepage and waterfall splash zones associated with sandstone rockhouses and cliff bases]
      4 Leaves membranaceous, of a "typical" herbaceous character, coarsely serrate; larger leaf blades 1.4-5× as long as the petiole; [of a wide variety of mesic habitats, especially moist forests and forest openings].
        5 Phyllaries mostly 3-5 mm long, acute (to obtuse); heads with (9-) 12-25 flowers; leaves deltoid to ovate (the base generally broadly cuneate); heads arranged in open corymbs; [widespread in our region]
        5 Phyllaries mostly 5-7 mm long, cuspidate-acuminate; heads with (15-) 20-34 flowers; leaves generally deltoid (the base generally subcordate or truncate); heads arranged in dense corymbs; [of moderate to high elevation forests and openings, in the Mountains and upper Piedmont]
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